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Date:2004-04-20 19:23
Subject:i'm, hitting on hard

tough day for me...i haven been doing any homework for air travel management. did not understand a word tham was saying.....luckily got kaili to let me copy....

irritating rosanne keep stressing that she want to organise an day out for group study. but seriously, i tink it will only end up as coaching rosanne study group. i'm not going but kaili seems to acknowledge her.. no chioce hai!

tml going out with sok dian ...haven seem her n jingyi for quite some time really miss going and shop freely...i wished i had more money.

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Date:2004-04-18 23:39

its just how funny life is when u turn one corner and expected to find another new spot and den you jump right back into your old routine. its scary sometimes but true.

i haven been on livejournal for a VERY long time and i still feels that this is a good place to be, to write my thoughts and not many people can c that unlike zorpia where everyone can see everyone. (not that i dun want to turn off the view function...)i haven wrote any there btw.

i'm finally done with my so-called final year project which is my air travel management....the past 2 whole weeks are all spent on project n i seems to be the one coordinating.. its no fun when you get the bigger share of the workload. maybe i'm a erfectionist...i dun score well in exams generally so i try to do my best for the projects.and when it comes to peer evaluation time, i dun seems to haf the guts to put others down.

went to fullerton hotel with kaili and nelly to haf the chocolate buffet... its was exp but worth it. so right now i'm down with a bit ta sore throat and slight fever...i'm getting too heaty. the ambience was really fantastic its my second time there and i love it! wide variety of chocolates to choose from though i couldnt try everyone...i wanted to but one just cant take too much chocolate even on an empty stomach.

we talked about regular stuff...sch, friends, and kaili n her ex ...its really interesting to get to know kaili more in depth . i haven onli known kaili for about 3 years and i still find it hard to tok to her sometimes. its was nice to hear her tok about herself and her ex..it made me wonder why at 20 i still haven got a bf... shucks! i'm feeling sad!

3 weeks more and i'll be graduating...its scary to even think about it but its true. i haven tot of what to do with my future but i'm trying my luck at the local uni... some of my friends have already gotten calls for interview but i think i'm not one of them.. really envy them but deep down , i dun think i'm super minds of the 21th century.

going on a cruise with sok dian , shihan and valerie..i'm looking forward it cos its my first time going on a cruise ship and it gonna be a graduation vacation for me, myself and i....i paid for the whole thing and my parents were cool about it.just as long they are not the ones paying...haha

this trip is going to be my stepping out to the world..i want to make it as memorable as possible..maybe i can even get lucky! lol

well really tired now..i couldnt' even follow the NKF charity show just now and was really tired until the report came up. gtg will post soon (i hope)

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Date:2004-04-18 23:15
Subject:Mormorise Me

My Mormon name is Kerensa RoWene!

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<p>My Mormon name is <b>Kerensa RoWene</b>!<br \><a href="http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/mormon/">What's yours?</a></p>

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Date:2004-01-26 16:51

just got back from sch so a abit tired now...

wow! got so much to inform ...write but i dunno where to start. lets see here: last night i went out for movies, shopping and supper with karen( she in my course) and a few of the others from oriental hotel. it was quite nice actually and i met alot of pple i knew at orchard hahaha its such a great feeling to meet someone u know on the streets and they still remembers you. some were my secondary sch friends.

i still got atm haven do would be beri tiring to finish it but have no choice cos it should be my turn next. somehow or rather, i think i will not escape him...

esp excited cos i'm turning 20 in a few days but at the same time...its seems time has really passed me too quickly. i have so many things i wanna achieve and so many things i should have done and did not do it at all... opps! getting melancholy again...

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Date:2004-01-24 14:02
Subject:CNY's here and i'm not feeling it

a pat n my back for coming back to here..haven been wrting for these pass few days. mightily swamped with the SAT, homework and of course visiting relatives!!!

just got back from the SAT test..i hope i dun fare too badly...cross my fingers and hope i can get at least 1200 pt for it...,seriously! izzit too little or too much to hope for 1200 pts...i'm not really sure of the national's average or even how pple in the us usually score so i think its a pretty good estimate. a few of my friends also took the SAT today...jingyi, sok dian, serene, colleen and cass. kaili missed it though....that darn girl oversept!!! oh...luckily she took it b4 so i think should be all right with her score of 1200.

had butterflies in my stomache when i sat for the test but throughout...it became tiring...a whole 3? 3.5? hr sitting there was tough. the last time i had to sit for that long was for the LOTR part one and two marathon hahaha...

not much to do tosay...thought of going for a movie but all of them were busy..not the best of times i guessed.ok..i'm going to slack now so tv break~

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Date:2004-01-21 18:32

this sat is my SAT..haven really been studying...the maths are tough enough and my english izzit'nt really that powerful. i hope i dun haf to re-enrol again to retake the test that would cost me again..so now i'm surfin around and resting here n there

mind's lethargic right now not much thoughts but kinda glad cos tml's cny!!! holiday! yeah!

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Date:2004-01-18 00:29
Subject:back in a circle

never thought i'll be back writing e journals agagin...it been so long can hardly remember the last time i logged on here. lots of happennings in between my life and so much have passed. lets see..the last time i was having exams , den first attachment den second attachment (in nov n dec) the 2 whole draggy months of working in the hotel as kitchen helper turned out to be quite neat too, the undergrounds is a nice place to roam about n i learned much there. love the pple there and detest some too...hahaha

now school reopens, project came tumbling down(i'm pretty tired now...all the thing i wrote are pretty factual, not much thoughts)

little by little let me open up, my mind's a bit rusty not used to jogging thoughts to words but rest assured! i'm back (i hoped) lol

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Date:2004-01-13 21:18
Subject:my heart's beating~~~~

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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its been so long....(pun intended)

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Date:2003-07-22 14:36

You are MARLIN!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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Date:2003-05-13 13:59
Subject:2nd day of attachment

this is my second day of attchment.

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Date:2003-04-03 00:51

dun haf time to write tonight...will try to keep posted

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Date:2003-04-01 00:17
Mood: groggy

ec been abit paranoid cos i got the flu today. i think its because i caught a chill when i came out of the bathroom and my sis had on the fan in the bedroom when i walked in. i was still fine when i was out of the house but then when i got up the bus i suddenly felt cold... its like sometimes when pple get fever and they will feel cold no matter what....damn my immodesty.

i think my resistance was weak cos i been in alot of stress lately and that i was working in the weekend. i was totally exhausted when i got home even though i was working in the morning shift. on sat i had actually fell asleep just after i got home not long ago....man..i'm really worn out.

trying to build up my resistance more by taking friuts...i had quite a sleep just now after taking the flu medication. will try to get some shut eye....

cheeeeee i actually saw some pple today at sch wearing masks well, only two of them but i'm starting to feel concerned after ec had briefly tok to me...he's really on high alert i can tell...oh well. hope i quickly recover so tml i wouldn't feel so drowsy because of the flu...u noe, my eyes and nose always gets runny when i haf the flu bug and i hated that cos i wouldn't be able to concentrate.

i'm glad that tml we dun haf to do any more projects at the moment we can all do at home.lastly so glad that my sis can stay at home...i wished i can but thats fat chance oh well...better get so beauty and health sleep.

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Date:2003-03-28 23:52
Mood: cold

should haf been a long to i haven't uploaded. i had wanted to gif up halfway and that this is also a bad time that i shouldn't been online writing stupid journals. i should have been buzying thining of my ibs proposal and furiously typing out the marketing script but i'm not. i got to work tml and i haven even ironed my uniform yet. damn procrestination! and i'm now in a conversation wif eriko, ec and Wz.....how rediculous can i get..

i think i'm being 2 faced but i dun wan to add her seriously...
but kept asking mi, i'm feeling the pressure...i hate that ..i'm going to be the sec vic after colleen

the world ahs seen a different face and phrase since a long time ago i logged in here. there's the on going war on terrorism pushing in badgdad n there's the stupid sars going around here....wats the f***! n i thought i was the only one wif problems...so much going on, yet i'm not really feeling it...at least i'm numbed to the war due to the live telecast of afhgan constantly. i must sae is driving me nuts, not that it has been the huge lah

have been really depressed a few hours ago....
cos worry about oversea study.....no money and not qualified enough. had been influenced by sok cos she kept saeing want to go but aso no money sian...gif me hellahof headache and later when i found some to read finished jamie oliver's book i felt even worse cos the specialisation thingy is eating into me...cant bare the thoughts of spilting wif some of my class mates. i hate changing...have been a great team together or should i sae most of the time...we all know our flaws laioZ and can compensate lo. i drifting into singlish, cannot.....

truth to be told, i'm really going to miss them if we're notin the same classss animore...clas will not be that fun though i stil got kai, but its just not the same. haf to re-adapt n thats difficult even for me......

was fine after toking to hui n colleen now i'm hungry....
the guys are not toking now n i'm gradually getting bored

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Date:2003-03-02 20:25
Subject:state: in the work place`
Mood: distressed

gosh... still got tones of AAA haven revised..dunno whether want to do it tml or get on it right after i go home from work.

i'm tired and still have not packed the shelves yet, waiting for feli's commandgot to go its dangerous to write now

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Date:2003-02-21 21:27
Mood: awake

just when i want to be chatty online, there no one in msn... colleen will not be so early online as she usually not there until midnight or so; huizhen beri seldon..muz call her online den she will ...dunno where is kaili, eileen n meiting...i sure dun wan to xueli, but den she dun tok to me one. i'm not the one that she will tok to hahaha

wanted to update my journal today morning but it just couldnt open the page. everything is not going well for me whats happening? i'm trying to send some guess postcards to sok... hope she likes it i do very much

i'm feeling energic now i hardly have enough energy these few days being so hectic at school and all, perhaps its going to be break week next week so i guess i would have some time to take a breather *.*

my sis is having PMS. if thats right...she has been shouting her head off to call me to changr the beddings. i wanted to as it was i who suggested it but now that i'm on net i feel kinda lazy..i hope i can wait until tomorrow. lets see, i stil have to iron my uniform cos its work day tomorrow and i can survivor tonight at 10[i'm a fan of it] wats next?

mom's not feeling very well now cos i think she's been having cramps. viomited her dinner her few minutes earlier but i think she going to get better once she gets some rest... she has been working overtime these few days. dun understand y her company are stil doing so well even in these economic situation where factory workers are usually the first to get the sack. she has been working too hard and forgotten to take dinner, sometimes i feel that she is deliberately not taking dinner so that she can save so of that dinner money to eat at home. she come home at 8 almost every night.

gona change my msn nick soon cos its going out. can't think of any appropriate nicks right now. i want something thats unique but not too vulgar yet rocks... my brain is fried at the end of the week so any suggestions pls do so ...help me out

listening to Daniel beddingfield's [if you're not the one]...next comes avril lavign...yeah... she rocks too

its so nice. have been listening for it for weeks but some songs are just not that easily forgotten u noe n aso it on my comp so there u go...lol

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Date:2003-02-13 23:02

my great-grandma passed away lately. she's 96 this year and passed on during the CNY. i'm saden by this even though we were not close at all. i cried at the funeral only. the music was too weepy and i just cant control myself....
surprisingly, my mom din cry at all. she is strong i must say

been a long time since i updated ... alot has been happenning and i dunno where to start. tests are coming and project are on the way...hoping i can finished them soon . perhaps start some b4 the term break.

its V-day tml and i'm not doing any thing.....i guessed most of my friends are the same. its not really a big important day for me, i treat it like any other days change my nick to "love can make you stupid, show some brilliance" lol... i remembered this one from a ad featuring diamonds. its really well done and eye catching.it was one yr ago that i seen this ad. funny how thingscomes around.

din wanna do my marketing homework.its very hard. felt bored....
i think marketing is one that i stil dun have a clue about [worried bout it]

sok is crazy about Qoo... wanted to join the pajamas party contest. i went along hoping to win it too.......love Qoo very much but its hard to win it i think its a first come first serve basis

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Date:2003-02-02 01:20
Subject:its the holi blues...
Mood: full

today's chinese new yr day...well officially it s the second but i just cant get to sleep...d/l some powerpoint templates hahaha...i'm not a comp freak but i'm like the net but sometimes its just info overload hope i can use some of the template for my group project...we should be starting real soon after these few days of holi

just watch never been kissed on telly not much but i muz say, micheal vartan was really cute n good too in the picx. u noe i usually fall for older guys. micheal vartan is a good example. not that outgoing kind but... u noe wat i mean...i dun understand why it all started out after i read jane austen books. she always portrayed the male characters much more stern and exclusive which gives it much more depth than most of the cheesy teen flick...i think the other factor thats contributes to it is that i'm always dun haf mani guys my age around me not that i'm complaining i'm not! seriously! oh well lets see how thing goes for me for the next few days gonna get some rest

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Date:2003-02-02 00:42
Subject:a little over 18

thats my life. i go to sch, try to blend in. sometimes i keep a low profile others times i just dun. wan to be involved, in tuned with everyone else. i like people and they like me too... however its this not always the case...

i was recollecting my self today i found out i that i really have made enmemies...its kinda unbelievable cos i'm usually very short tempered. and when i remember my secondary sch days and i made people angry at me...thinking to this i really feel bad cos i wanna make up with them but i get the feeling that its too late or that its just not worth it... i'm in the middle cant make up my mind but truly, i felt sorry that i quarreled with them

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Date:2003-01-31 02:05
Subject:i'm a loner who does not like to be alone
Mood: indescribable

had asked colleen how she feel about that .... i not sure thats me but sometimes when i looked out of the window on the bus i can feel that to my self ...if there's somebody calling home i'm not sure where is home, to where my heart is....i feel a particular way but my action does another. abit numb, never plan, never check...only thoughts zooming in, out in , out...reflexes that ought to be done by teresa i do it but i sometimes regret it. presing me suffocated and dejected that how i feel sometimes but i dun show it i cant show it cos its not me to....i laugh i joke and make pple happy be silly i dunno thats gonna hide myself from others or just fooling myself. something's just out of my control, beyond my reach...guessed i just dun wan to dissapoint anyone...

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Date:2003-01-31 01:40
Subject:i simply love "a walk to remember"

its the one that i tried to ride over and over again....but it sing to me over and over again....

i watched this movie but i simply cant get enough of it . i cried so mani times i'm even lost count...
anybody who love this movie would agree with me..
such young love and the fact that i like mandy moore made this even better. nicholas sparks really noe how to write a depressing but nevertheless lovely story.

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